Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guardian Pigeons

It was a beautiful day, almost Indian Summer like, even though it was still early for the eminent Fall. We were in central Ohio visiting my Mother-In-Law at her new residence. A three story Victorian-esque manor complete with a turret , gables and a wrap-around porch lined with crisp white spindled rockers. After strolling (more like rolling) back from our over sized lunch that satisfied our every sense, we stopped short of the door to pull-up a rocker and sit for a moment to admire the surroundings and the day. The sun had been shining and some clouds were moving in as predicted, but only to add to the dramatic fall skyline and contrasting colorful canvas where flowers were still in bloom and the grass still a vibrant green soft carpet leading up to the porch. The birds were busy feeding on seed from the nearby bird feeder banging off the side of the house. All at once there was a whoosh of ornithological activity when I spotted a pigeon perched on the edge of the steeply pitched roof line. Soon after another joined it, followed by more where they sat together looking at us, we looking at them, mimicking each other.
It wasn't until the following day that my husband shared an interesting story with me. He told me how his Father kept homing pigeons as a boy while living in Pittsburgh, PA. Periodically, his parents would take him and his pigeons out into the country to release the birds in free flight. The birds were often reported to be home before they arrived, hence the saying “straight as the crow flies”, or as in this case, “pigeon”. I believe he kept pigeons for many years, watching and learning from their behavior and interactions with the world. I suspect the pigeons that appeared spontaneously on Z's rooftop that day were also carrying a message, watching over loved ones like guardians.

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