Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blessing Gloves

I used to have the most colorful dreams during childhood.  It became a form of family entertainment at the breakfast table, encouraged to tell of my adventures from the night before.  The dreams still continue and I share them before they drift from my memory...

When my first Grandson was born was no exception.  I was floating on "cloud 9" on our spontaneous trip to NE the very day he was born.  We arrived literally at the "eleventh hour" on the "lucky" 13th, when I met and cuddled with my kin.  An indescribable sense of joy filled my being, satisfying with both energized spirit and peace. We retired to the resort in a suite called "Camp", reminiscent of childhood memories spent in an Adirondack lodge on a Canadian lake.  I drifted off to sleep beneath an antique wooden canoe canopy, cradling us in the tree-like four poster bed. The snow fell gently outside and the warm glow of the fire crackled at my feet.  I felt safe, pleased and wholly blessed. 

That night, I had happy dreams about "Blessing Gloves", beautifully decorated gloves expressly designed with a blessing of intention for the lucky recipient when donned.  The gloves are thoughtfully crafted while an incantation inspires good fortune for what is needed. This mirrored the special sense I felt in the vast universe of mystery and miracles. Undoubtedly a heart-felt memory of both my Mother and my Irish Father we buried on the St. Patrick's Day before. Hearing myself retell this dream sequence made me giggle with the announcement of the upcoming "Bewitched" movie release, conjuring more cherished childhood memories.  

We were blessed again with the birth of our "Chris Kringle" on Christmas Day, and finally our "LepreSean", born on the Spring Equinox. We wish a Happy 3rd Birthday to Grandson No. 3 in this 3rd month of the year, 2013.  Bright Blessings for all the luck and renewed spirit Spring brings during this magical time of the year!