Tuesday, June 19, 2012

‘Patricianly Yours’

rilliantly, my Husband has been researching my genealogy for months unveiling my direct connection with many notable “characters” in history.  Beginning with documentation of my more recent ancestors, the family tree traces my lineage to the Merovingian/Carolingian Dynasty.  I am interwoven through multiple lines to my 36X’s Great Grandfather, King Charlemagne.   This knowledge satisfies my lifelong penchant for the colours and culture associated with this era. 
I began lettering and formally studying manuscript writings in my early teens which soon blossomed into a career.  I wrote a paper on the history of calligraphy that spoke so profoundly to me that I subsequently taught to others.  My heart-felt hobby/career presented yet another opportunity when I spontaneously relocated to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I unwittingly referred to myself as a “North Carolingian”.  There I had a position designing custom flags and banners which appealed to the “Me generation” of personalizing one’s mark on the world.  I incorporated the Carolingian & Gothic style versals with stylized botanic forms of nature to personify the bright jewel-tone flowing fabrics, reminiscent of stained glass themes when illuminated from behind by the sun.  Each breeze heralds all with a friendly wave of the flag, announcing the residents within.
I poured myself into each of these banners, driven by the memories in my heart and the energy that is my birthright.  It circulated naturally.  As I nurture & grow my garden filled with brightly coloured and familiarly fragrant flowers of the day, I am duly inspired by my “living tapestry”, like my banners, of which I have become a part.   My next project is to translate my signature versal “B” into needlework.  With a combination of new and mostly olde technology, I can again be a part of 
those guilds and practice a culmination of my crafts.