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Morrow Family Tree

For 89 years and through many generations, the Morrow Family holds an annual reunion in Tidioute, PA. I was given the Morrow family name as my middle name upon birth, and have proudly kept it over the years, whilst other names have come and gone! Betty Morrow Stevens recently introduced me to our “Cousin Bob Morrow” and included me in the growing “B. Morrow” clan within the family tree, which began nearly 200 yrs. ago with Robert Wallace Morrow. She forwarded this cleverly scribed poem of quite a prolific bunch, outlining the Morrow lineage in rhyme.

The Family
MORROW, (Robert and Sarah Nancy) was our ancestor's name
From hardy, pioneer stock they came.
With the sweat of their brow and the toil of their hand
They established a home in Penna.'s rugged land.

To grace this union, in due course of time
Susanna Jane was first in line.
When to womanhood she grew, she had not long to wait
For Andrew Robertson, whom she took as her mate.
To them, Robert, Harry and Raymond were born;
Tragic death took two. Raymond only to manhood grew.

With the passing of time, as the records will tell,
The stork's second visit brought Juliette Isabelle.
Belle married John Shanly, and with him by her side
Her two motherless sons she took over with pride.
Then Maudie, Bert, Rob, Bessie, Edna and Fannie
Appeared with a regularity almost uncanny
Little Maudie had not long to stay; the hardier five
Are still with us today.

Johnathan Lenz came third, a fine sturdy lad.
With wife Gertrude Palmer, Robert, Joseph and Adaire they had
Three handsomer lads one seldom would see;
How they've remained batchelors is a mystery to me.

Harriette Seville came fourth, a true bundle of joy.
Hatti married Jerome Morrison, himself quite a boy
Came Jim, Bill, Agnes, Tom, Bob and Harry—six children in all,
Three are still here, three have answered the call.

Then came Mary Elizabeth to gladden the house.
The handsome Will Bimber she took for her spouse.
Grace, Harry, Walter, Ray, Archie, Marion and Edmund--
a fine family are they.
The second one (Harry) has now passed away.

Next William Sherman came into this life.
Isabelle Chambers he took for his wife.
Eight children they had--Charlie, Marshall, Rusell, Luella,
Fred, Annabelle, Sara and Walter--
And 'tho left alone, Belle's stout heart did not falter.
With courage undaunted she tackled the task
and raised a fine family from first to the last.

Nettie Matilda next raised her sweet voice.
The gallant Bruce Fairchild was the man of her choice.
Helen, Irene Robert, Frances, Mary, Jim and Ted—four girls
and three boys
is the family that came to add to their joys.
They brought them all up with more or less ease,
Now they're doing real well with their college degrees.

Carrie Leona now joined the gay throng,
With husband, Fred Holcomb, two children were born.
She was left a young widow; then Will Tapp came along
And their forces were joined to raise quite a throng.
With her Gladys and Raymond, his Bill, Margaret, Harold and Ted,
They had a full house from the day they were wed.

The stork, somewhat weary, now paused for a rest
'eer Bertha Luella was placed in the nest.
She married Robert Fairchild, a man of much sense.
And William and Marjorie were their blessed events.

The descendants of those mentioned in this bit of a rhyme
Are too numerous to mention in a brief space of time,
But they're here in great numbers, and together the crowd
Makes a mighty fine family, of which we're real proud.
And 'tho many have gone to the rest they well merit,
I'm sure that today they are with us in spirit,
And happy to know, that 'tho they are gone,
The tradition they started, we still carry on.


By Miss Edna E. Shanly.
July 20, 1952

I sincerely hope we can join you this year. I look forward to seeing you again for the first time!

Brightest Blessings to All,

B. Morrow (Holcomb Tapp Miller Feeley) Evans...whew!

Morrow Family 2006

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