Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Am My Own Best Muse

Why is it I would rather do artwork than pay the bills, or grocery shop when I have an article due, or even clean the house instead of baking? It is a form of procrastination and although it allows me to still be productive on some level, I am rarely compelled to perform the task at hand.
While working as a Barista some 20 yrs. ago, I studied law so I landed a job as a legal secretary. As a legal secretary at a fast-paced downtown firm, I dreamed of design work so I moved to the OBX, employing my calligraphic design education at a custom flag shop. While creating custom flags in an open-air shop near the beach, I had a drive to pursue nursing. Since there were no nursing schools nearby, I returned home and went through RN school. Coming across as someone who cannot commit, I am, in fact, quite the contrary. I follow through with each of my undertakings and take pride being a “Jack of all trades, (master of none)” as the saying goes. Therein lay the conundrum. I strive to master every task I undertake. I would be naive to claim that I have achieved this status, for mastery of any endeavor is a life-long practice, even with the simplest of chores like making the bed (but with kitty help). The best part is that I can express each facet of being whenever I choose. Years of juggling affords me the ability to multi-task so I can accomplish several smaller duties with a single stroke. I invent my own personal challenges throughout each day. How about you?

It should be apparent that I am supposed to be doing something other than writing this, but what kind of a procrastinator would I be if I did? If you are reading this instead of doing something more pressing on your itinerary, enjoy! I just realized, it has been a while since I practiced the piano…

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