Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The "Write" Way

I was fortunate to have been influenced by my Grandmothers, who were born during the Victorian era. I’m not that old but I value the ways of life necessary at that time. My Grams carried the tradition into the space age when I was instructed to write with care. It is nearly 2010 and the custom of hand-writing personal notes is appreciated more than ever. What could stand out more during an age of high-tech communication than a hand written note?

A quarter of a century ago, while interviewing for my first career oriented jobs, I always sent a thank you letter. I was offered most of those positions because of that simple gesture. I always write “thank you(s)” for every occasion and people know me for that; it’s what I do. Every “thank you” is written expressly for that person and for a specific occasion or gift. For most notes of a more personal nature, I carefully select my stationary or card, and hand write in calligraphy a personal sentiment and then hand address an envelope. I didn’t give the practice much thought about the impact it had. When I first went off to college, I wrote letters which begat hand written responses. Most replies were prefaced by a familiar disclaimer; “I’ve never written to anyone before, don’t expect to get another”, or “This may be the last letter I write…” It occurred to me that others simply don’t communicate in this form and the fact that they took the time to write a reply made me feel quite special!

At first I kept a shoe box of these cards, letters and postcards replacing it with a larger box, which grew into multiple storage bins. I still receive hand written notes I display for a season or two, then slip between the lid and the overgrown stack I’ve accumulated. Periodically, I sit down and shuffle thru the library I’ve accumulated, re-visiting the people and events that made up my life. It’s like taking a trip! I enjoy it more than looking through photos, of which I’ve also acquired a collection. The cards and letters tell a story and illustrate a 3D picture I can relive and share -memories that are truly etched in my heart.

Dedicated to the many Moms and Grand-moms whose precious sentiment- filled notes I dearly miss.

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